10 Things You Can Do To Help Reduce Fashion Waste

Did you know... that on average consumers throw away 60% of clothing in the first year after buying it. 


If this trend continues to grow like it is ... with each second that passes a truck load of textile waste will be dumped into landfill. That's a lot of waste. 


So what can you do to help reduce fashion waste?  

Let's jump right into it... 


1. Think Before you buy! 

Think about quality over quantity, how long will this piece last in my wardrobe? Is it made to a high quality and is it durable to last the test of time?  


How many times will i wear this piece? Is it only a 'trend' based or do i actually love it enough to keep on wearing it. 


These are all the things you should think about before buying to ensure your wardrobe is made up of clothing you absolutely love. Give your wardrobe a quality of life by building it up with garments you will actually wear. This way you will not only be doing better for you, but also better for the environment. Its a win- win situation! 

2. Take Care of Your Clothes. 

Treat your clothes with love and they will last longer!  


Washing your clothes on a cold temperature helps to reduce colours fading, reduces shrinking and is less likely to ruin clothes. Not only that but it also reduces the amount of microfibres released into the environment and saves energy. 


Also considering air drying your clothing instead of putting it in the dryer to ensure your clothes don't shrink and deform themselves. 


3. Up-cycle your clothing. 

Make the life span of your clothing longer by up-cycling your clothes. Get creative and make new clothing with pieces from your wardrobe that you no longer wear or fit in to. 


There are so many you-tube tutorials, tik toks and blogs on ways you can up-cycle clothes, whether thats crocheting using your old clothing, sewing them into something new or using cut and tie techniques.  


We would love to see what you come up with- use the hash tag #maliaupcycle or get in touch on our socials @maliathelabel_ 

4. Donate! 

Donating your clothes is great way to support families in need, and increase the lifecycle of your clothing! 


There are so many great organisations that you can donate your clothing to such as the salvos, the red cross foundation and Mission Australia.  


Another place to donate your clothes, as well as fabric scraps that will be used to create recycled fabrics include Up Apparel and clothing retailers such as H&M. 

5. Repair it. 

Have some damaged clothing, or something that doesn't fit right? 


Think twice before throwing it away and repair it. Hand stitch or sew up that strap that came undone or take those jeans to alterations shop to get the length brought up before you decide to ditch it. Your clothes will thank you and so will the environment! 

6. Buy sustainable. 

When you buy sustainable clothing you are supporting fashion that has been produced in ecologically and socially responsible manner.  


Clothing made from natural fabrics are often made from plant's and fibres good for the environment therefore it is decomposable and has less of an impact on the environment. Fabrics that have been regenerated from plastics and problem waste materials are also classified as sustainable as it creates a circular lifecycle for materials that are hard to dispose of.  


Malia The label supports sustainability with recycled swim, made from regenerated plastics and clothing that has been made from natural materials. We consider our waste by making handmade scrunchies and utilising our fabric waste in creative ways! 


7. Rent for occassions. 

Ever considered renting that fancy dress that you will probably only wear once for a special occasion? 


Renting is a great way to reduce fashion waste and avoiding buying clothing that you will probably only wear once. It's a sustainable way to ensure clothing get's it's use and saves you money too! 



8. Re- sell your clothing. 

Re-sell your clothing to expand it's life, and earn some cash at the same time!  


There are so many new platforms that you can re-sell your clothing on, including depop, facebook market place and instagram. This makes it even easier for you to reduce the amount of fashion waste that ends up in landfill! 



9. Buy Second Hand. 

If you have ever gone thrift shopping you know the thrill of finding a treasure of a piece, sometimes clothing that's brand new with tags!  


Lot's of brands donate their left over stock to opp shops and you can often find high quality designer pieces at a low cost. Not only that... your supporting a sustainable future by buying second hand, helping to stop clothing dumped in landfill. 

10. Spread the word! 

Share your knowledge and help educate your friends, family and strangers (why not?) on how they can help reduce their own fashion waste! 


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