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Slow Fashion Knitwear Matching Sets | Ocean inspired brand Australia | Malia The Label

timeless. versatile. sustainable.

Sustainable Knitwear Sets | Slow fashion Brand Australia | Malia The Label

Treat yourself to


slow fashion for a better planet.

The solution start’s here… At Malia The Label we have a commitment to do better for our planet, people and communities.

A sustainable approach to fashion - Malia The Label - Slow fashion for a better planet.

its time we slow down.

We live in a fast-paced world; where trends emerge and dissipate before our eyes, technology advances at lightning speed and mass- production has no mercy. We are left tripping on our feet just trying to keep up.

It's time to slow down... To pause and enjoy what simply is. To reflect on how we can achieve a more sustainable future & give back to mother nature.

At Malia the Label, we choose to slow down... We choose to embrace slow and ethical production in small batch quantities. We choose to be be mindful & utilise natural and recycled materials. We choose to steer clear of fast-fashion trends & consciously create timeless & artisanal pieces.

Join us on our journey to a more sustainable future.

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Sustainably Made From Plants

Introduce our best-selling Ramie fabric into your wardrobe.

This comfortable light-weight, breathable & antibacterial material will elevate your everyday wear... Get the luxe linen look without the crinkle, a quick drying over-swim piece and ditch the everyday activewear for an overall much healthier fabric option.

Ocean-inspired clothing, sustainably designed on the South Coast of NSW Australia.
Malia The Label - Slow Fashion - Ocean-inspired resort wear


For the ocean-inspired

"Malia" - Meaning 'Calm & gentle waters' is the statement that reflects our core beliefs... A gentle approach to creation; reconnecting with roots of mother nature & listening to the ebb and flow of the universe in order to create in gratitude.

Malia Jewellery - 18k gold plated and sterling silver plated necklaces and earrings

Malia x jewellery

Inspired by the Coast & designed for timeless wear, Malia The Label jewellery is hand-crafted from 925 sterling silver & 18k Gold Plating.

Consciously made by artisans; each piece is aesthetically detailed to elevate your everyday wear.

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sustainable fibres

Conscously made from natural fibres.

ethically made

Mindfully produced with the planet in mind.

returns & exchanges

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Kaia Crochet Maxi Dress - Handcrafted with 100% cotton fibres

treat yourself to timeless style.