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Willow Knit Jumper Forrest - Slow Fashion - Malia The Label

An ethical journey towards a more

sustainable future

We live in a fast-paced world; where trends emerge and dissipate before our eyes, technology advances at lightning speed and mass- production has no mercy. We are left tripping on our feet just trying to keep up.

It's time to slow down... To pause and enjoy what simply is. To reflect on how we can achieve a more sustainable future & give back to mother nature.

our focus

We are on a mission to do better for the planet, people & communities. Our relaxed, artisanal designer clothing is consciously designed to help you curate a wardrobe of sustainable natural fibres, timeless styles & high quality clothing that is made for loving wear.

At Malia The Label we focus full transparency, creating inline with our ethical & sustainable values and constantly re-evaluating our processes for improvement. We believe that making small things better in small ways every day will pave the way for a better future.

Follow along on our journey as we learn, explore & sustain new ways to ‘do better’ for our environment, people & communities

the sustainable practices we are implementing

to do better for people the planet & communities.

“The fashion industry produces 92 million tons of textile waste per year. And shockingly, every second, the equivalent of 1 garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned globally”

A sustainable approach to fashion - Malia The Label - Slow fashion for a better planet.
Sustainability focus - slow fashion and ethical production

The Planet

  1. FIBRES:With a focus on design’s that do better for the environment… we find the significance in sourcing high quality fabrics that have been made from natural or recycled fibres.
  2. DESIGN:During the design process we steer clear of fast- fashion trends that encourage waste… Instead we focus on designing timeless staple & statement pieces that have been designed with a passion to bring back the value to fashion. We strive to design in an artisanal manner, provide exclusive prints & versatile designer styles.
  3. SMALL QUANTITY ORDERS:We produce in small batch quantities, creating limited runs of styles to ensure there isn’t any waste.
  4. UTILISING WASTE:We are constantly thinking up of ways to utilise left over fabric - for example, scrunchies are made from the off-cuts of our swim!
  5. GARMENT BAGS:When manufacturing clothing most factories will individually package each garment in a plastic bag. We have opted out of plastic and use either biodegradable bagging or simply none!
  6. SHIPPING SATCHELS:All of our online orders are sent out in 100% biodegradable & compostable shipping satchels. Each bag can be composted & will biodegrade in 3-6 months.
Sustainability - conscious and ethical production of slow fashion brand


  1. MAKERS: Our garments are ethically manufactured in Bali. We support a small factory and directly pay our makers (many big factories outsource their making to small factories for a commission; meaning these smaller factories end up with a small percentage of the paid order amount). Through direct contact with our small factory makers, we know the exact location that our products are made, can ensure they are being paid a living wage & are working in safe conditions. 
  2. CUSTOMERS: We strive to be completely transparent with our customers by keeping you up to date our sustainable practices. We love providing tips on sustainability on our socials (follow us), item care & styling so you can get the most out of your Malia garment’s.
sutainable fashion - i made your clothes


In our busy society, many buying choices are influenced by trends and an urgency to have the latest. These buying habits have created a ‘wear once, throw away’ attitude for young women, as it’s often cheap & enticing, however it’s also low in quality & un-sustainable. By educating our community on fast fashion, sharing sustainability tips and empowering people to help make a difference, we can collectively become a more conscious consumers & create a more sustainable future. Follow along on our journey to learn with us; find our socials @maliathelabel_ or our ‘journal’ page for our latest blogs.

want to be a part of the journey ...

what you can do...

Keen to get in on the action & help to create a more sustainable future? You know what they say… A little goes a long way. So here are the little things that you can do to help do your part:

Mocha Knit set - Willow Knit Jumper and pants set

#1 Take better care of the clothing you wear

Take pride in your Malia clothing (and other clothing too hehe), treat it with kindness. Read the care label and make sure you follow the care instructions to ensure maximum wear out of your pieces. The better you take care of your clothes, the longer they will last and the less it will impact the environment.

Oakley Crochet Dress - Sustainable over-swim by Malia The Label - Hand-crocheted


Keep emissions low and help your clothing to last longer by: Washing only as needed, keep the temperature cool, use mild/ eco friendly detergent, line dry in the shade outside & only put a load on when full.

Timeless, versatile and sustainable fashion - Malia The Label

#3 be a conscious shopper

Shop consciously by thinking before you buy when shopping for clothing and question the sustainability, as well as yourself on how long you think this piece would last in your wardrobe.

Shop at local farmers and makers markets to support the local community. Avoid plastic packaged foods, shop more organically or even grow your own herbs and veges!

Mae Knit Set Rust - 100% natural cotton - sustainable fashion


Support circular fashion by repairing your garments if they happen to tear or a strap comes undone, re-invent it by sewing it into a new piece or restyling it. Lastly, recycle! - recycle your clothing to be regenerated into new fabrics or donate your clothing to charity.

Mindful Knits - Willow knit jumper and pant set - Malia The Label

#5 understand waste management

Understand your local recycling system & get on board with composting!

Sienna top and Maxi Skirt - Sustainable fashion made from plants - Malia The Label - Slow Fashion

#6 go plastic free

Use containers over cling wrap, metal straws over plastic ones, bring your own bag when shopping and own mug when ordering coffee. There are so many small swaps in your everyday that can make a huge impact on the environment.