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Sold outTan Ramie sarong - Natural tan colour beach cover up made from hemp and textured like linen - Malia the label beach clothing - Vacation wearBeach vacation wear - Ramie sarong, travel wrap, scarf or beach cover - Malia the label
Ramie Sarong - Tan Sale price$49.00
Slow Tide Hoop earrings - Malia the Label Jewellery - 18k gold plated18k Gold Plated earrings - Malia Jewellery - Hoops with beads and wave pendant
Slow tide hoops Sale price$39.95
Moonlight necklace - Pink Adventurine beads and 18k gold plated moon pendantMalia Jewellery - Beaded and 18k Gold Plated design
Moonlight Necklace Sale price$49.95
Wavelength earrings - 18k Gold Plated Malia jewelleryWavelength earrings - 18k gold plated hoops with stud back
Wavelength Earrings Sale price$39.95
Stella Hoop earrings with hinge clip - sterling silver plated jewellery - Malia The LabelSterling silver plated hoops - Malia the label - Jewellery
Stella Hoops Sale price$29.95
Wander Bracelet - rhinestone eye bracelet - Malia JewelleryWander Bracelet - eye pendant on rose gold chain - Malia Jewellery
Wander Bracelet Sale price$39.95
Sun-dream - Sterling Silver Plated Earrings - Malia JewelleryMalia Jewellery - Sterling silver plated tampered tear drop dangling earrings
Sun-dream Earrings Sale price$29.95
Delia Earrings - Sterling Silver Plated with rhinestone detailDelia Earrings - Sterling Silver Plated - Malia The Label
Delia Earrings Sale price$39.95
Sierra Earrings - Sterling Silver Plated Malia JewellerySierra Earring
Sierra Earring Sale price$39.95
Asteria Earrings - 18k gold plated studs with star shaped rhinestone - Malia Jewellery18k Gold Plated studs - Malia Jewellery - Small circle and star shape stud earring
Asteria Earrings Sale price$29.95
Seamist Ramie sarong - sustainably made from plants - Malia the label sustainable ocean-inspired fashionBeach cover up sarong, travel wrap or scarf - 100% ramie with tassle edging - Malia the label
Ramie Sarong - Seamist Sale price$49.00
Ramie Sarong - Khaki
Ramie Sarong - Khaki Sale price$49.00
Natural Ramie Sarong - Beach cover yp made from plants - Use as a scarf, travel wrap or beach cover up - Malia the labelRamie natural sarong made from hemp fibres - light, breathable and quick to dry - Natural travel wrap up - Vacation wear - Malia the label
Inner- Light long chain necklace - 18k Gold Plated jewellery18k gold plated circle pendant with texture and centre rhinestone - Malia jewellery -Inner light Necklace
Inner-light Necklace Sale price$39.95
Sea-Foam Bracelet - Sterling Silver Plated Bracelet - Malia The LabelSterling silver plated chain & pearl bracelet - Malia Jewellery
Sea-foam Bracelet Sale price$39.95
Shelly Earrings / 18k Gold Plated Jewellery - Malia The LabelShelly Earrings / 18k Gold Plated Earrings with pearl and shell charms
Shelly Huggies Sale price$39.95
Malia Jewellery - Chasing Waves bracelet - Cutting stone and 18k gold chain linksChasing Waves Bracelet and charm - pearl and cutting stone / 18k gold plated
Chasing waves bracelet Sale price$39.95
Evil Eye Necklace - nirvana Necklace - Malia jewellery - 18k Gold platedNirvana Necklace - 18k Gold plated evil eye pendant on chain
Nirvana Necklace Sale price$39.95
Golden Hour Hoops - large circle tampered shape earrings with pearl droplets - Malia JewelleryGolden Hour Hoops - large circle tampered shape earrings with pearl droplets -Unique jewellery
Golden hour hoops Sale price$49.95
Chasing waves necklace - 18k gold plated with blue droplet details - ocean-inspired jewellery - Malia NecklaceMalia The Label Jewellery Collection - Chasing waves necklace - 18k gold plated chain with wave tampered pendant
Chasing Waves Necklace Sale price$39.95
18k gold plated sea star stud - Ocean-inspired jewellery by Malia The LabelSea star studs - 18k gold plated studs with clip back - Malia Jewellery
Sea Star Studs Sale price$29.95
Solana Hoops - 18k gold plated tampered hoop with pearls dangling in hoops centre - Malia JewelleryMalia Jewellery - 18k Gold plated hook earrings with pearl droplets and tampered open hoop design
Solana Hoops Sale price$39.95
Sun Dancer Necklace - Malia Jewellery - 18k gold plated wavy sun rays necklace design - beachy jewellerySun Dancer Necklace
Sun Dancer Necklace Sale price$39.95