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Malia The Label - Sustainable approach to fashion - our why



"Malia" - Meaning 'Calm & gentle waters' is the statement that reflects our core beliefs... A gentle approach to creation; reconnecting with roots of mother nature & listening to the ebb and flow of the universe in order to create in gratitude.

a slow approach

our why

Malia the label emerged from a passion to create change & work towards a more sustainable future. It stemmed from a vision to create clothing that is kinder to the planet, to people & communities.

Slow Fashion designed on the South Coast of NSW - Sustainable clothing


our story

Malia the Label’s story began when a pandemic struck the world by surprise in 2020. In the midst of uncertainty, ‘stay at home’ orders and a lot more spare time, Malia The Label was founded by fashion student, Ally Thomas. 

On the South Coast of NSW, Ally began sewing from her bedroom, creating a ‘handmade to order’ collection of designer pieces. She had a vision for a brand that isn't based off fast-fleeting fashion trends, but instead pays more attention to detail & consciously produces garments with the planet, people and community in mind. 

With a focus on sustainability, Malia has consciously evolved into an emerging designer brand that is ethically produced by our Balinese artisans. As a designer, Ally focuses on creating timeless staples and statement pieces made from natural & recycled fabrics in small-batch quantities.

Come join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future!