About Us

Malia The Label is an sustainable resort-wear brand located on the South Coast of Australia. Our relaxed, yet sophisticated designer pieces encapsulate stories of self-expression, passion and adventure.

Malia the label is for the free-sprited, the curious and conscious souls, that can see the value in nurturing our environment. ‘Malia’, meaning ‘calm & gentle waters’, reflects the tranquil essence of the brand and reiterates our focus on slowly produced garments that are made to last.

We focus on the need for designs that “Do better” for individuals, the environment and communities. Thus, quality of design is a core value to Malia; we provide garments that steer away from fast fashion trends, and instead produce artisian wear for a conscious closet. We also find significance in sourcing natural materials, upcycling pieces and utilising wastage to minimise the impact we have upon the environment.

“Do better, feel better” in Malia the label.

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